Terms and Conditions

Last updated 08/12/2021

Welcome to Laboratorios LABIN (“the Site”) , we are committed to your privacy and we recognize the duty of adequate protection and management of the information you share with us, which we use to carry out laboratory tests and to provide a better experience in the process of the taking the sample, delivering the results and monitoring your needs in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Costa Rica.

1. Introduction.
General terms and conditions (hereinafter «TERMS AND CONDITIONS») for the use of the WEBSITE https://labinlab.com/ de Labin S.A. (hereinafter «Laboratorios LABIN»), as well as for the use of the online results consultation platform, and for the online purchase of Laboratorios LABIN’s clinical laboratory test analysis services (hereinafter «BUY ONLINE ”). It is mandatory and binding to accept having read, understood and accepted the TERMS AND CONDITIONS when making any ONLINE PURCHASE.

2. Of the restrictions of use.
By using the WEBSITE and / or making an ONLINE PURCHASE, you agree to the following:

1. It must not be used in a manner contrary to morals, good customs, public order and any
2. It must not be used in any way that damages any computer system, servers, networks and / or computer components
3. It should not be used in such a way that it hinders third parties from its proper use:

1. You must not manipulate, alter and / or modify its content and information;
2. You must not enter areas with restricted access;
3. You must not reproduce, copy, link in whole or in part its content and information or to obtain information from third parties; Laboratorios4. You must not use, copy, reproduce or use in any way the trademarks, logos, trade names, audios, images and / or graphics contained;

3. Of the Legal Capacity.
Any person of legal age (eighteen (18) years old) who wishes to make an ONLINE PURCHASE through the WEBSITE may do so subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, together with all other policies and principles that govern the WEBSITE.

Privacy Policy.
The information requested is to complete the ONLINE PURCHASE satisfactorily, as well as to access some restricted sections of the WEBSITE, so it must be truthful. Laboratorios LABIN will not market your information or transfer it in any way to third parties, it will be diligent and will take all reasonable measures to protect your information.

5. Of the information to supply.
Some sections of the WEBSITE allow you to send messages and / or comments, by using it you agree not to provide false, misleading, contrary to moral, moral, defamatory, obscene, discriminatory and / or fraudulent information.
In accordance with the Law on Protection of Personnel against the Processing of your Personal Data prior to using the online shopping system, you expressly state that you know and accept the following conditions on the storage and treatment that your data will receive, with access unrestricted and restricted access, which are detailed below:
There is a database that Laboratorios LABIN has for the storage and processing of personal data, by virtue of the sales and attention services it provides to its customers, that the purpose pursued by LABORARATORIOS LABIN with the collection of these personal data is to know the profile of the clients, who fill in the requirements to carry out the test. Personal data may be used by Laboratorios LABIN in order to process and approve requests to perform the TEST, provide better care and meet your needs in the future.
That the recipients of the personal data, as well as the people who may consult them, will be the people or companies of Laboratorios LABIN, their collaborators (dependent or independent), their advisors, including among them the laboratories abroad that carry out the test (dependent or independent), its partners or shareholders, its creditors, Laboratorios LABIN correspondents and the regulatory and supervisory authorities. That the information that you provide to the questions that are formulated during the data collection process are mandatory, so that if Laboratorios LABIN receives incomplete information, your request will be denied or not processed until the information is available.
The client has the right to supply or not the data requested by Laboratorios LABIN, however, in the event that he refuses to supply the information required by Laboratorios LABIN. However, in the event that you refuse to provide the information required by Laboratorios LABIN, in the terms and at the time requested, Laboratorios LABNIN may unilaterally, without consultation and automatically, reject the provision of the services requested or suspend the service or terminate any contractual relationship without liability for Laboratorios LABIN or any of its subsidiaries, under the terms and at the time requested, Laboratorios LABIN may unilaterally, without consultation and automatically, reject the provision of the services requested or suspend the service or terminate any contractual relationship without liability for Laboratorios LABIN or its affiliates.
That, by virtue of the aforementioned law, the client has a series of rights in relation to the personal information provided to Laboratorios LABIN such as the right to request the rectification, update or elimination of the information provided, being that the information it will always be owned by the customer.
Laboratorios LABIN when and for the effective provision of the services requested or offered, may collect, buy, verify and consult the existing personal data.
Laboratorios LABIN may assign, transfer and exchange the personal data that it obtains and maintains in its database only within Laboratorios LABIN and with third parties, located outside the internal scope of Laboratorios LABIN that provide or will provide services to Laboratorios LABIN, such as, between others, collaborators, advisers, partners, creditors, correspondents, regulatory and supervisory authorities of Laboratorios LABIN, Ministry of Health, government authorities, credit bureaus, collection agencies and the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs (ICD); with the understanding that said information will not be sold or commercialized in any other way, the above for the purpose and for the effective provision of the services requested or offered by Laboratorios LABIN. You agree to understand and consent to the uses indicated here for your personal information, as well as recognizing the rights that assist you in this regard.
In the case of minors who need the online service, their parents in exercise of parental authority or guardianship, guardians or persons of legal age will accompany them and will be solely responsible for the information provided to them when completing the forms, likewise authorizes the use of said information. Laboratorios LABIN takes special care to protect the safety and privacy of children. Our website is a general audience site. If the information is provided by minors under 18 years of age, it is understood that they have the permission of their parents and / or legal guardians before contacting us or sending us any information. Of course, there is nothing better than the personal supervision of children while they surf the Internet.

6. From the Registry, the account and password.
Some sections of the WEBSITE require you to register by creating an account and password. By registering, you agree to provide accurate information and maintain the confidentiality of your account and password, being you solely responsible for any action taken through your account and password. The user will have the possibility to change his password, for which he must abide by the procedure established for that purpose. The account and password are for personal use and their delivery to third parties does not involve Laboratorios LABIN responsibility. Likewise, in the event of improper use of the account, Laboratorios LABIN reserves the right to eliminate access, as well as any other action to defend its interests. In the event that the confidentiality of your account or password is compromised and / or an unauthorized use of it is made, you must notify Laboratorios LABIN.

7. Buy online
These TERMS AND CONDITIONS will apply to each ONLINE PURCHASE that you make of Laboratorios LABIN’s clinical laboratory test analysis services listed on the WEBSITE, so prior to making an ONLINE PURCHASE you must read and expressly accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The ONLINE PURCHASE is subject to the availability of the internet service and the operation of the WEBSITE, in addition, all ONLINE PURCHASES will be subject to Laboratorios LABIN validating, accepting, and confirming the information provided and the effective payment, in this way Laboratorios LABIN acceptance: a) that all the information displayed in the respective forms is completed and b) that the means of payment is valid, acceptable, and complete. You will receive an email to the address registered by you confirming your ONLINE PURCHASE together with proof of payment. Laboratorios LABIN reserves the right, without prior notice, to limit the number of purchases and / or to reject them. The ONLINE PURCHASE can be made from anywhere in the world, however, the sample collection can only be made within the territory of the Republic of Costa Rica, according to available options.
Home service is provided in GAM, at a distance no greater than 8km from the nearest branch and according to laboratory availability. In the case of distances that exceed this mileage, there must be prior coordination with one of our agents.
In order to carry out the sample collection satisfactorily, you must comply with the indications that the WEBSITE informs.
In addition, based on art. 39 of the regulation to Law 9635, promulgated in December 2018, payments through the email platform, immediately returns the value added tax to final consumers for using a traceable means of payment authorized by the administration.
Therefore, the total amount to be paid may vary by 4% (VAT). If you go to any of our branches and use a means of payment that is not traceable and authorized by the tax administration.

8. Of the Price.
The prices of the clinical laboratory analysis tests will be reported on the WEBSITE and will only be valid and applicable while they appear on it and will not necessarily be applicable to other sales channels used by Laboratorios LABIN. The stipulated prices are expressed in Costa Rican colones or US Dollars and does not include the corresponding taxes. The price will be paid through the options and / or means of payment displayed on the WEBSITE.

9. Promotions.
The validity period of any promotion that Laboratorios LABIN carries out through the WEBSITE will be duly informed. The promotions offered on the WEBSITE are not necessarily the same as those offered by other sales channels used by Laboratorios LABIN.

10. Validity of the purchase and refunds.
You have thirty calendar days from the ONLINE PURCHASE date to: I) appear at any of the Laboratorios LABIN branches during the public service hours indicated on the WEBSITE to perform the acquired clinical laboratory analysis test; II) request to Laboratorios LABIN for a refund of the amount paid for the clinical laboratory test acquired. In case of requesting the refund of the canceled purchase/amount, Laboratorios LABIN will manage such request in a maximum period of 30 business DAYS before the corresponding bank entity. It is clarified that it will be the bank and through its refund policies that apply the corresponding return in your favor.

11. Industrial Property and Registered Trademarks.
The content, organization, graphics, compilation, magnetic translation, digital conversion, and other matters related to the WEBSITE are the property of Laboratorios LABIN and are protected under the legislation of Costa Rica and international conventions regarding intellectual property rights. The downloading, copying, redistribution, use or publication made by you of any material on the WEBSITE or any part of it, is strictly prohibited.
Laboratorios LABIN, LABIN and any other registered belonging to LABIN S.A., with their respective designs, colors, and logos, must not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Laboratorios LABIN. In addition, any page headers, personalized graphics, icon buttons and letters correspond to the Laboratorios LABIN commercial image, so they should not be copied, imitated, or used, in whole or in part. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, and company names or logos mentioned on the WEBSITE are the property of their respective owners.

12. Modifications.
In the interest of offer a reliable and quality WEBSITE to all our clients, Laboratorios LABIN periodically reviews and updates the elements that make up said site, in addition, Laboratorios LABIN reserves the right to modify and / or update the TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time and without the need for prior notice, as market conditions, internet technologies, regulations, and the needs to improve services to our clients or others change. Any change will be announced on the WEBSITE, so we urge our clients to comply with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS each time they want to use the WEBSITE and / or make any ONLINE PURCHASE.

13. Applicable legislation and nullity of clauses.
The Client or user of the service and Laboratorios LABIN expressly know that they are subject to the provisions of Law 8968, «Protection of Personal Data», regarding the duty of professional secrecy regarding all information, documents and matters to which they have access. or knowledge during the term of the service contract, being obliged not to make public or to alienate the data that they know as a result of or due to the service, even after the provision of the service. No information or data will be provided for any other non-intended use on this website (www.labinlab.com). Any information will not provide be provided, without the written authorization of Laboratorios LABIN a copy of the documents or data to third parties, their realization, their reproduction by any means and the total or partial transfer to any natural or legal person of the data provided is prohibited.
It will be governed by the legislation in force in the Republic of Costa Rica. Any controversy or conflict that may arise as a result of the ONLINE PURCHASE will be resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in Costa Rica, submitting to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of the Republic of Costa Rica. If any of the stated clauses is considered illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, the other clauses of this agreement will remain with all their validity and effect and that clause considered illegal, invalid, or unenforceable, may be replaced, to the extent possible, with a legal clause , valid and unenforceable that is similar in terms of the illegal, invalid, and unenforceable clause, as much as is legally possible.

14. Computer security.
The WEBSITE uses «cookies», the user of the site can use the configuration of their browser to disable the use of «cookies», being in this case, that navigation on our WEBSITE will be disabled. We protect the transfer of personal data and the integrity of the WEBSITE using the SSL Certificate Secure Site Pro EV with 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology as a secure channel in the transactions you carry out. Supports the RSA encryption algorithm, within the same SSL certificate. Our certifying authority is Comodo (or Sectigo Limited) and the domain for which the digital certificate was issued is https://labinlab.com/. The security of payment methods: This site is supported by BAC | Credomatic and 3D Secure which guarantees that the information on your card is not registered in Laboratorios LABIN, since it will be handled directly by Credomatic.

15. Links to other websites.
The WEBSITE may contain links to other WEBSITES. Laboratorios LABIN is not responsible for the content, veracity or opinions expressed on these other sites. The inclusion of any link from one website to ours does not imply endorsement or endorsement of that other website.

16. Contact us.
If you experience difficulties using this WEBSITE and / or making any ONLINE PURCHASE, or have any questions about the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, please contact us by:
• Email addressed to: Correo@labinlab.com
• Phone: 2586-7000